Wastewater Treatment & Disposal...

Department Contacts: 
James W. Dean, Wastewater Treatment Supervisor
Dominque O. Adams, Wastewater Distribution Supervisor
Jeffrey L. Donald, Chief Operations Officer

Wastewater treatment is the process of cleaning used water and sewage so it can be returned to the envi­ronment. The goal is to protect water supplies like oceans, lakes, streams and rivers. The process is also used to protect public health by eliminating bacteria and viruses from wastewater.

NBU’s existing sewer system consists of over 260,000 feet of sewer lines, ranging from 8 to 27 inches in diameter. With over 800 manholes and 25 lift stations, the system now provides sanitary sewer services to almost all of the developed land within the city.

NBU has two main wastewater  treatment facilities. The Harry B. Still Sr. Plant was built in 1983 and has a design capacity to handle 2 MGD (million gallons per day). The average daily load is 1 MGD. The Westside Treatment Plant was built in 2003 and has a design capacity to handle 0.499 MGD. The aveage daily load is 130,000 gallons a day. Both treatment facilities operate using the Schreiber Activated Sludge Process.


Harry B. Still, Sr. Wastewater Treatment Facility 
(Built in 1983)

1000 1st Street; Bay Minette, Alabama 36507
251.580.1853 phone
Westside Treatment Facility 
(Built in 2003)

107 Charlie Kraker Drive; Bay Minette, Alabama 36507
251.580.1626 phone