Natural Gas

Providing Clean, Efficient Natural Gas

A Long History of Many Uses

The first use of gas energy in the United States occurred in 1816, when gaslights illuminated the streets of Baltimore, Md. By 1900, natural gas had been discovered in 17 states. During the years following World War II, expansion of the extensive interstate pipeline network occurred, bringing natural gas service to customers all over the country.

Today, natural gas is used extensively in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It is the main energy used for home heating: slightly more than half of American homes use gas. Increasingly, natural gas is being used for electric power generation as well. Call NBU 251-580-1626 to find out about your home's Natural Gas options.

Department Contacts: 

Shane Hall, Natural Gas Supervisor
Jeffrey L. Donald, Chief Operations Officer

Clean, plentiful, efficient and safe when used properly, natural gas is a reliable and efficient energy source. Even during inclement weather and power outages, natural gas service through NBU will continue. One of the most efficient energy sources available, natural gas heating systems and appliances have the highest “total energy efficiency.” This translates into the best energy value for you and your family.
Made mostly of methane, a flammable gas that was formed deep in the earth millions of years ago, natu­ral gas is used everyday to cook food, heat water, dry clothes and heat and cool homes.
NBU’s natural gas is purchased from BP Energy, Inc., a Houston based company. The natural gas is trans­ported to Bay Minette on the Gulf South Pipeline. The system serves 1,800 residential customers, 24 indus­trial customers and 335 commercial/other customers.
NBU offers incentives for residents who add natural gas appliances to their new or existing home. Please contact us about money-saving offers to help you and your family convert to natural gas.
For Natural Gas products, prices and other inquiries, please contact:
Shane Hall, Natural Gas Supervisor:  |  (251) 580-1626 

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